Peace of Thread

Each bag is handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind by a beautiful refugee woman.


Volunteer with Peace of Thread

We are a 501c3 supported and run by volunteers. We would love to have you partner with us.

Patsy Roberts working on a strap for a purse. Photo credit Kelly Strawinski.jpeg


selects fabrics for making bags; is familiar with different kinds of fabrics and textiles and/or has sewing knowledge.

Design Cutter

uses patterns to cut the fabric after it has been selected by a designer.

Design Organizer

organizes and categorizes fabrics according to style and seasons, or cuts pieces of fabric for scraps and to make business cards; keeps the design studio organized and in a clean manner.

desinger wokring on a strap for a new bag. photo credit crystal anne photography.jpeg

Pattern Detailer

ensures that patterns are cut properly and that instructions are clearly labeled on them.

Quality Control

critiques the bags after they have been made; has extensive sewing knowledge.

Supply Representative

Assists in purchasing supplies and maintains inventory of all supplies.


Sales Representative

attends festivals/ events, participates in set-up and take-down, in charge of bag inventory before and after event, makes transactions during the show, and handles the cash box.


bringing the women threaders to and from their homes to our training location as well as taking bags to and from when the women have completed sewing them.


Marketing: call and visit boutiques, take bags and tell the Peace of Thread story. Once bags have been placed in boutiques, and then inventory will need to be maintained; researching festivals, shows and filling out applications.

Freedom Circle: a group of women in your community who cut and design for the women to sew. And also to pray for the women who are sewing for Peace of Thread.

Mentor: Being partnered up with one of the refugee women, walking next to her in life, befriending her, visiting her, helping her practice English, teaching her things about our culture in America.

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