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For women, looking to make a difference, Peace of Thread is a handbag company that makes high quality bags that help a refugee woman by providing them with a sustainable source of income, and training in English and job skills. Unlike other stylish brands, a Peace of Thread purse is a fashion-forward way to intentionally provide a job for a woman in need.

Each bag in handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind -- just like our artisan threaders -- and serves as a statement piece for our customers to carry the stories of our artisans into the world. Be a part of our story. Sew Peace.


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Seeing Possibilities

Peace of Thread

On Friday June 2, I did something for Peace of Thread that I’d never done before.  I traced patterns for our eyeglass cases (always a best seller during the summer months).   This job involves taking a piece of cardboard and tracing it against a piece of fabric with a marker so that someone else can cut the shape out and make it into a bag.  Like a lot of people who are trying to do something new, I found my work both challenging and rewarding.

The most challenging and rewarding part of tracing was looking at each piece of fabric and imagining it as a bag.  What would those orange stripes look like when my diamond shape was folded into a rectangle?  How could I fit as many bright blue flowers as possible into my narrow lines so that they would all show up on the final product?

As I set one scrap of fabric after another to the side and watched Denise S. start to turn them into bags, it occurred to me that our work with refugees is a lot like tracing patterns.  We look at someone who’s been through a lot of hardship-someone who may look kind of “scrappy”-and imagine what her future could look like. Then we work with her so that she can become the best person she can be.  In this case, the “patterns” we use are the personality and talents that God has given each woman.  God is the designer and the only one who knows what His “final product” will look like.  But we have the privilege of watching that plan unfurl as we get to know each woman.

Of course, unlike a bag, a person is never “finished.”   The women we love still make mistakes.  They still have flaws and the scars from their past.  But it has been a blessing to watch them become vibrant and empowered as they learn how to support themselves in America.

If you would like to be part of this work, e-mail us at

Threads and Tables: A Request for Volunteers

Peace of Thread

God has been enabling Peace of Thread to thrive! For example, on April 7th , the world-famous cellists of Atlanta Celli gave an amazing concert and helped us raise $10,000! With ten grand in the bank, we were able to hire ten new women! That’s ten women who will have a chance at a brighter future. A blessing indeed! But, an expanding ministry at Peace of Thread means an expanding need for volunteers.


Mainly, we need two types of volunteers: “common threaders” and “behind-the-sceners.”

“Common threaders get their nickname from the way that their lives are woven together with those of our artisans," explains our founder, Denise Smith. A common threader befriends one of our women and comes alongside her to pray, help her practice English, and to share her burdens and joys. Common threaders are important to Peace of Thread because they provide a sense of community to refugees who have had their community ripped away from them by war, disaster, or poverty. Denise explains that community is even more important to a refugee woman than what’s in her refrigerator. "The companionship of a common threader gives her hope, nourishes her soul, and helps ease her transition into American life.”


But not everyone can develop a deep friendship with a refugee. That’s where our “behind-the-sceners” come in. “Behind-the- sceners” are people who do all the little things that help Peace of Thread run smoothly. As the nickname implies, these things are often done “behind the scenes” with the people doing them getting little recognition. But Peace of Thread simply could not survive without these valuable volunteers. Right now, we really need people to come to our festivals and help take down booths after festivals. Helping us with this task will make going to festivals easier, which in turn will make selling bags easier.


So if you’re interested in making new friends from different backgrounds or enabling women to sell bags that will provide them with a better life, e-mail us at And remember, “ever that every contribution, no matter how small, helps weave the tapestry of Peace of Thread.

New Year, New Life

Peace of Thread

The start of a new year is often associated with new beginnings.  There’s a sense that life begins anew every January 1st.  Our ministry has grown by leaps and bounds over this past year, and it feels like new life and the opportunity for new life are everywhere.

Part of this feeling comes from the baby boom we're experiencing.  Five of our seamstresses gave birth last year, and one is set to give birth this year.  All of these babies are new additions not only to their own families but to the larger family of Peace of Thread.  The births remind us that even though the world can be a bleak place, there is always room for joy and new potential.

But babies aren't the only new life coming into being at Peace of Thread.  We're also employing more women!  Thanks to contributions from faithful donors, we were able tohire three women from Afghanistan. These women will have new lives as they join a community and learn skills that will help them provide for their families and give them self-confidence.

Finally, we are stepping up our efforts to find mentors and sponsors for our seamstresses.  Mentors are American women who form friendships with the refugees and help them adjust to living in America.  Sponsors are people who give money so that we can hire new women (The cost of training a seamstress is $1,000).  And we're pairing each trainee's mentor with each trainee's s sponsor so that each trainee can have a "team" working to help her reach her full potential.

Truly,   new life is everywhere.  I believe God will bless us with abundance this year.  I invite you, dear readers, to celebrate with us and to be a part of our new future.

If you want to sponsor a woman for employment at Peace of Thread (we have sixteen women waiting to be accepted!), send a tax-deductable gift to:

Peace of Thread

195 Amberbrook Circle

Grayson, Ga 30017 (write "sponsorship" in the memo).

If you're interested in being a mentor, send an e-mail to